The app allows users to review their progress and operates on a repetitive linguistic algorithm which has been proven to create memory buds over time. The app has been highly successful and I use it myself!

The app makes use of a JSON encrypted file which I update from a CMS source. The JSON data contains the paradigm table of Italian verbs and all of their cojugations in various different forms. I created the web service from scratch and the data syncs with the app for use in offline mode.

The next phase of the app will be to add voice recognition and comparison to native voices in order to test pronunciation and other aspects of learning the language. Once the framework is set up properly and stable after beta, the app will be available in other languages.

Project Overview

The brief was to create an iPhone app which tests users on their Italian verb conjugations.

This is a custom made native iOS application for iPhone.The application is basically a quiz whereby users can practice their Italian verb conjugations.There are also charts and tables so that students can learn the respective verb patterns.


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